Research Specialization


I simply love fishes and I use genetic methodologies to study them!  I’d characterize my passion for fishes as innate!  My  interest in genetics has come along secondarily as a tool of choice for studying fishes  Through the years I have become fascinated by the use of genetic tools, especially cutting-edge genomic techniques, to make inference into the ecology, evolution, systematics, conservation, and management of fishes.  I have conducted research into genetic diversity, genetic population structure, systematics, and taxonomy.  I also study hybridization, invasion genetics, the use of environmental DNA (eDNA) for species detection, and the use of archived tissue samples from decades or centuries ago to make inference of temporal genetic change.  Fish species of focus include sculpins, lamprey, tidewater goby, trout and salmon, and several species of minnows including speckled dace and pikeminnow.


Dr. Andrew Kinziger
Professor and Chair
Lab: Wildlife and Fisheries 214
Office: Wildlife and Fisheries 210
Office Phone: 707-826-3944
e-mail: andrew-dot-kinziger-at-Humboldt-dot-edu

Mailing Address:
Andrew P. Kinziger, Ph.D.
Department of Fisheries Biology
Humboldt State University
One Harpst Street
Arcata, CA 95521